BlogSpot By Ynke Feenstra: Your Piece in the Global Energy World!?

When you are working in the energy field, I don’t have to convince you that energy is a great topic to work on. It is a global and diverse working field. But also a world with many challenges in the near and longer future. Challenges related to technology innovations, project management, depletion of fossil fuels, transport and storage, emissions, renewable resources, security of supply, energy economy, efficiency, policies and scenarios.

But also challenges related to energy illiteracy, public engagement and societal acceptance of energy projects. How to deal with all these challenges? And what is your role in these?

Energy professionals are people with different backgrounds, working on local, national or global projects. They are working for governments, industries, consultancies, NGOs or independently. Energy professionals are working in coal mines or offshore platforms, in laboratories or solar panel factories, in nuclear plants or wind farms, behind desks, in the air, under the ground, at sea, even in space. Energy professionals have different roles and interests. They are engineers, economists, geologists, politicians, mathematicians, project managers, policy makers, idealists, legal experts or social scientists.

We are all just working on a tiny piece of the energy field. And all of us have some ideas about how to deal with the challenges related to that piece. But nobody can deal with all the energy challenges alone. No individual, country or even continent, can create the global future energy world on its own. To deal with our energy related challenges, we need to cooperate. We need to bring together knowledge, experiences and talents to design our future energy world.

The website wants to provide a platform for this. Energy professionals talk here about their job. What our daily work day looks like. What problems we face and solutions we create. What future perspectives, ideas and dreams we have. When we share our experiences and get to know each other better, we can learn and inspire, engage, stimulate and motivate others to continue working on the energy challenges of tomorrow.

So, let’s share, learn and be inspired!

You can start by letting us know what you would like to contribute. What you would like to read and find on this website. What we could do to further improve our website. What topics we should focus on. What discussion you would like to contribute to….

Ynke Feenstra is an independent energy professional. As researcher and consultant she is specialised in societal acceptance, behavioural change and communication strategies around energy, sustainability and innovations. She works for a broad set of Dutch and international clients. Twitter: @FYnergy (in Dutch) / @FYnergy_EN (in English)