Bob Koenders

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Since I started the LinkedIn group Global Energy Profs in 2008 a lot has changed. Entering the industry as a “greenfield” I originally founded the group both to get familiar with the Energy business and to build up a network. Things went fast; today the group counts almost 40.000 members worldwide and we welcome a lot of new members every day. Last year the idea raised to extend the Linkedin group and to start an online community focusing on real life stories.

The first few weeks we filled the website mainly with news items but we soon realized this does not eventually lead to any extra value. From all over the world we received positive but also critical comments. These comments confirmed the feeling that we are working on a beautiful product in which especially the personal stories are received with enthusiasm. Our platform wants to be even more different from others by giving professionals in the energy branch a face.

You also can be part of this by telling us about yourself and your career by answering 5/6 short questions. We will publish your Q&A on the website. Obviously I, and then the other members of our team, will start with the kick-off.

Questions for ‘OnTheJoB’

1. Where do you currently work? Aside from my work for Global Energy which I am founder and co-owner of, I work as an account manager for ROVC. This company develops and takes care of technical educations for the Dutch industry.

2. What are you working on this and next week? I am currently enjoying a short holiday break. So aside from writing this,  I will mostly be enjoying my time off!

3. What is the biggest challenge in your job? Making sure we can build a great online community together which receives many daily visitors with the Global Energy Profs team, and hopefully you.

4. What do you like most of working in the energy field? The international and dynamic character in combining current diverse subjects (Sustainability, green, alternative sources, oil) which are interesting for all of us.

5. With whom (in or outside the energy field) would you like to have dinner? Difficult choice, regarding the pioneer phase we are in with this website, I would really like to have dinner with Mark Zuckerberg in Haarlem. The subjects I will discuss with him are obvious.