OnTheJob interview – Adriaan Kamp

1. What’s your name and where have you been living so far?

My name is Adriaan Kamp and I worked for 25 years in international project and business development management positions in the Netherlands, Oman, Syria, Norway and Scotland in the upstream oil and gas sector and as a private entrepreneur of start-ups. I presently work and live from Overveen, The Netherlands and in Oslo, Norway.

2. Where do you currently work?

I am the founder of Energy For One World. Energy For One World is a practice with the focus on the present outlook in our world energy system: our individual roles, responsibilities and opportunities for its’ future herein.The practice is organized to bring knowledge and insights to the world, to listen further to the world needs and to be a game-changer of positive changes and actions on location, in communities , in industries and in nations.
I’m also the program director of Nyenrode Executive Energy Programs. Nyenrode is the only private university in the Netherlands. The Energy programs consist of executive training classes (Energy MBA’s), whereby participants define, create and realize the opportunity space for business and government to succeed in this energy world of today and tomorrow.

3. What are you working on this and next week?

I have been preparing my seasons’ greetings and some articles for magazines and on-line media platforms. Additionally I am working on my agenda for 2013 – starting early January. I work with a client on making an inventory of best next decisions in policy making. Next to that, I am preparing for some workshops and executive energy classes in January.

4. What is the biggest challenge in your job or working field?

Energy For One World is still a start-up. The practice has now been established, but the year 2013 should demonstrate organic growth. We have defined some new and exciting formats and products which we would ideally see realized in 2013 (or beyond). Challenge is to further invite some great professionals to come on board, to find the best organizational form to foster this growth and to maintain the vision and leadership values of our practice.
For our executive energy programs at Nyenrode University the challenge for 2013 is to broaden our international exposures and horizons.

5. What do you like most of working in the energy field?

I have been groomed in the energy sector from my early days after leaving university and I very much enjoy (it seems to be in my genes now) to facilitate collaboration, business innovation and project realizations between companies, industries, and across nations.
Energy and Energy transition are essential for our common energy future. The coming two decades invite energy professionals to re-invent the established beliefs, constellations, configurations and architectures.
I am presently inspired by the opportunities new understanding and business innovation can bring to the energy industry and to bring new leadership values at the table.

6. With whom would you like to have dinner? Where would you eat and about what would you like to talk?
I would like to invite Bill Clinton. We would eat a healthy hamburger, presumably a Jamie Oliver one, somewhere in New York. We would share a conversation and a laugh, and, as I know that Bill has read my book, I would like to listen to Bill’s views on finding the forms and function to realize a global and national agenda on Energy and Energy Transition.

I would also like to have dinner with a girl or boy somewhere in India, Africa or the slums of a modern city. Someone deprived from basic goods and services, knowing that a modern world exist, but not being able to be continuous part of it. I would like to hear the needs, dreams and wishes of such a boy or girl as this may propel me to do what needs to be done. Right there.

7. The website www.globalenergyprofs.com is a platform for the global community of energy professionals. What do you expect from such a platform?

Our common energy future is shaped by energy professionals: from the East to the West, in the cleantech and in the conventional energy industry. A platform of global energy professionals is a true blessing. This can help to connect and increase knowledge and let them create energy and energy architecture realizations beyond our present beliefs.

Adriaan Kamp is Founder of Energy For One World and Director of Executive Energy MBA at Nyenrode Business University