OnTheJob interview – Nadja Kogdenko

1. What’s your name and where have you been living so far?
I’m Nadja Kogdenko and I live in Groningen, the largest city in the northern part of the Netherlands. I’m originally from Latvia and lived in Sweden before moving to the Netherlands.

2. Where do you currently work?

I work at the Energy Delta Institute (EDI), an international energy business school with a primary focus on natural gas and the role of gas in the energy transition, headquartered in Groningen. I am an energy analyst, specialising in such topics as unconventional (shale) gas, underground gas storage and public acceptance of energy projects. Among other activities, I support (content-wise) EDI in the development and organization of training programmes and network events for energy professionals.

3. What are you working on this and next week?

I generally work on multiple projects at the same time. Among other activities, I am currently working on the development of a new EDI’s training programme on Liquefied Natural Gas, together with a team of internal experts. In-between I have been writing a concept case study on underground gas storage for EDI’s Gas Value Chain course, and developing an e-learning module on shale gas, covering the main aspects, challenges and opportunities of shale gas production, and an outlook for the future. On top of that, I am compiling the next edition of EDI’s Quarterly magazine and finalizing a collection of short articles on the basics of underground gas storage, which will soon be available on Syntropolis.net.

4. What is the biggest challenge in your job or working field?

Besides simultaneously working on various projects, the biggest challenge of my job is to transpose ‘theoretical’ knowledge into its practical implementation – a product which is useful, understandable and easily accessible to an audience of various backgrounds. Being an energy analyst, I read a lot of literature to stay on top of recent development in the energy sector and translating this knowledge into EDI products is challenging and one of the most exciting parts of my work.

5. What do you like most of working in the energy field?

The thing I like most about working in the energy sector is that it is very dynamic, multidisciplinary and plays a crucial role  in each of our lives. We need energy to stay warm, power our devices, produce food and water, etc. It’s a field that, in my opinion, provides endless opportunities for innovation, new research and development to facilitate energy transition and find an optimal balance between fossil fuels and renewable energy, integrating efficient technologies and cleaner production of the goods we consume.

6. With whom (in or outside the energy field) would you like to have dinner?

Groningen has a great energy for social life and a high density of good restaurants. Being a woman in energy, I would like to have dinner with Nina Skorupska, the Chief Technical Officer at Essent N.V. (a member company of the RWE Group). She has an inspiring career as the only female board member in the Dutch energy sector, while being a foreigner herself. In one of her interviews she said: “You’ve got to raise you hand and take on challenges”. I am curious to hear other things that she advises to ambitious women in energy.

7. The website www.globalenergyprofs.com is a platform for energy professionals. What do you expect from such a platform?

Since the energy sector is very dynamic, there is a lot of knowledge and experience among energy professionals which is useful to exchange. Sharing ideas and lessons-learnt might be of a great help and added value for others energy professionals working on similar issues. I think this website facilitates this knowledge exchange and enhances communication among energy professionals in general.