OnTheJob Interview – Eloise Young

1. What’s your name and where have you been living so far? My name is Eloise Young.  I’ve lived in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and Cleveland.

2.Where do you currently work? I work at NineSigma, an open innovation facilitator.  We have offices around the world, and I’m located at our global headquarters in Cleveland, OH.  As a senior program manager at the company, I help our clients make the connections they need to be successful and competitive.  These connections could include identification of a new partner, an enabling technology, or a new business opportunity.

3. Can you give us an example of a recent project you worked on related to the energy field? We are currently working with the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation to administer their Grand Challenge on Innovative Carbon Uses.  This 5 year challenge seeks to identify, develop, and commercialize technologies that will convert CO2 emissions into useful, valuable, carbon-based products.  I have also run a number of projects helping clients in the energy sector find new technologies for improved lubricity, corrosion management, pipeline leak detection, and downhole sensors, to name a few.

4.What is the biggest challenge in your job or working field?  One of the biggest pleasures and challenges I face, along with my colleagues,  is the wide mix of problems that crosses  our path.  We work with clients from all industrial sectors on problems that span diverse technical disciplines.  It’s fun and exciting, but sometimes it’s challenging too.

5.What do you like most about working with clients in the energy field? The issues we help our energy sector clients with are always very interesting.  But sometimes – as in the case of our work with CCEMC – the issues look out to a broader horizon.  It can be very gratifying to be part of those types of projects.  

 6.With whom (in or outside the energy field) would you like to have dinner? Where would you eat and about what would you like to talk?  My father is a retired chemistry professor.   If I could go back in time, I would like to have dinner with my father at his professional prime. We’d dine at his favourite Chinese restaurant, and I would get to learn about him as his peers, colleagues, and friends saw him.

7.The website www.globalenergyprofs.com is a platform for the global community of energy professionals. What do you expect from such a platform?  Working in the field of open innovation, I am a big proponent of collaboration within and across industries.  I was thrilled to discover the globalenergyprofs.com website developed for and by energy professionals that brings the community closer together and facilitates new connections and opportunities.


Eloise C. Young is a Senior Program Manager at NineSigma, Inc.