OnTheJob Interview – Marcin Ziemski

1.     What’s your name and where have you been living so far?

My names is Marcin Ziemski and I am currently living in Perth Australia. However, I spent the last 15 years living and working in Brisbane, and 1 year in London.

2.     Where do you currently work ?

I work at Tech Mahindra, an IT and engineering technology company, where I am principal consultant in their Mining practice (based in Perth Australia).

3.     What are you working on this and next week?

I am developing a strategic low cost mine operational centre concept – the ‘micro-operating centre’ (MOP).  A MOP targets a small, high value portion of the mine value chain, thus enabling part-of-mine optimisation at a relatively low cost and fast turn-around. MOPs can be combined to organically grow a full function end-to-end operational centre over time. I also work in energy efficiency optimisation for mining operations.

4.     What is the biggest challenge in your job or working field?

Convincing mine businesses to pursue energy efficiency initiatives, even though these may not be considered part of core business; these have been often proven to be high value, but are frequently overlooked as they are not part of standard manufacturing practice.

5.     What do you like most of working in the energy field?

Energy management is an on-going and long-term challenge for the planet in general. I feel I am assisting clients to address immediate issues/costs/problems while also contributing to the long term sustainability of industry and engineering.

 6.     With whom (in or outside the energy field) would you like to have dinner?

I would like to have dinner with Vladimir Putin, because he has access to and influence over a strong scientific community as well as a huge energy reserve in Russia. I would like to get him thinking about energy solutions. If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, it would be with Leonardo Da Vinci to discuss today’s technological advancements in context of his philosophical perspectives.   

 7.     The website www.globalenergyprofs.com is a platform for the global community of energy professionals. What do you expect from such a platform?

I would expect updates about the latest energy technologies, developments, practices as well as connections to energy professionals globally.


Dr. Marcin Ziemski is principal consultant for the Mining practices at Tech Mahindra, an IT and engineering technology company. marcin.ziemski@techmahindra.com