OnTheJob Interview – Akaki Kvantaliani

1.What’s your name and where have you been living so far? My name is Akaki Kvantaliani and for the most part I lived in the Caucasus region, Georgia.

2. Where do you currently work? Currently, I am a self-employed Energy consultant who has probably the best connections in the energy field in Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia. My last occupation was on the position of Vice Minister of Energy of Georgia. I was one of the youngest persons who occupied such an important position.

3. What are you working on this and next week? This week I am working on several directions simultaneously: Investment opportunities in Russia’s energy for Caucasian investors, hydropower investment opportunities in Georgia, and consulting investors willing to invest in Georgia’s energy field (Oil and Gas / Hydropower).

To be more specific, I finished a study of the Syberia federal district in Russia and now move to gather information on Ural. Furthermore I started new negotiation threads among Georgian HPP owners and investors of Middle-East origin. Lastly, new oil exploration license block is going to be tendered in Georgia and I work with definite investment groups on tender participation documents.

4. What is the biggest challenge in your job or working field?The two biggest challenges were  a deal when Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, the state company, issued 250 mln USD Eurobonds on London stock exchange, and a 200mln USD deal of Thermal power plant construction in Georgia. Now I am seeking a new, more challenging one.

5.What do you like most of working in the energy field? Every day is different from another. Different, in its best understanding. I cannot remember a phase during my career in the energy sector, when I was bored of my job. I  never thought that I was doing the same thing for a while. This field is currently the world’s #1 challenge in itself.

6. With whom would you like to have dinner? Where would you eat and about what would you like to talk? I would like to have dinner with Vladimir Putin, in Sochi. I would like to talk about the energy future in Caucasus and how can we both contribute.

7. The website www.globalenergyprofs.com is a platform for the global community of energy professionals. What do you expect from such a platform? I would expect that global energy profs develops an infrastructure and form of exchanging information between energy professionals. Examples could be more interesting topics and improved search tools for  members. Furthermore, it would be nice if Global Energy Profs could organize events, such as face-to-face conferences once a year. This always improves communication.

Akaki Kvantaliani is a self-employed Energy consultant in the Caucasus region, Georgia. His last position was on the position of Vice Minister of Energy of Georgia. akaki_1@yahoo.com