Report by FC Gas Intelligence – Gas for Power Generation

Gas for power generation – new insights

The new EPA regulations which have been dubbed the ‘war on coal’ put serious emissions standards in place for fossil fuelled power plants and are set to seriously inhibit new construction of coal-fired facilities and phase out existing coal generation. As well as this regulatory push, abundant supply of US natural gas and low prices are ushering in a “golden age” for gas power generation in the US. This leads to the search of major utilities and independent power producers (IPPs) to capitalize on this clean-burning, abundant and cheap fuel.

This leads to a huge shift in the energy market. Gas-fired plants now account for 63% of planned capacity additions between 2012 – 2040, and 80% of planned coal closures cite these EPA regulations as a reason for retirement. To improve the knowledge about the effects on the US energy market, FC Gas Intelligence have released a complimentary ‘Gas-Fired Power Generation USA: Market Report’ – with up-to-the-minute analysis by industry leaders of the Gas-Fired Power Generation market in North America. This 18 page report provides a comprehensive survey of the market for gas-fired power generation and examines the main proponents for this generation fuel, as well as evaluates the key issues, such as the challenge to integrate gas and electric grids successfully.

Key features of this market report include:

– A comprehensive gas for power market review – an assessment of the key drivers for natural gas-fired plant construction and development

– Analysis of pipeline capacity and gas/electric coordination – exploration of the debate behind a solution to the market’s greatest challenge

– Interviews with industry experts – gain valuable insight into these core issues from those at the heart of the industry

– Benefits of natural gas as a generation fuel – key environmental and technological advantages of gas-fired power

– Case studies and strategic insight – specific regional challenges explained and details of projects underway to overcome these

This white paper is must-read for all stakeholders in the US power generation industry to gain valuable insight and form a natural gas focused business strategy. It can also help global energy professionals understand how these changes in the US power market will affect multiple energy sectors, such as natural gas, nuclear and renewables worldwide.

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