About us

Global Energy Profs.com is founded by Bob Koenders and Hendrik te Grotenhuis in 2012 and is situated in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Global Energy Profs is a platform for and by Energy Professionals worldwide. Build upon the success of the Linkedin Group group Global Energy Profs, the website aims to connect energy professionals worldwide. We do this by providing a platform to share inside stories from the energy world.

We focus on personal stories op people working at all levels in the energy sector. What is it like to work on an offshore oil platform in the North Sea, what does a daily working day at an solar laboratory in the US look like, what challenges is an energy lobbyist facing in Brussels?

The mission of GEP is: Connecting with energy – sharing inside stories of a global sector

–         Sharing =  connecting, informing, learning

–         Inside = on the job, working in energy, individual, daily live

–         Story = knowledge, ideas, experiences

–         Global sector = energy world

 Global Energy Profs.com already has a reach of more than 42.000 Energy Professionals worldwide! Each week we welcome hundreds of new members.