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Manager Engineering (dutch)

Je bent eindverantwoordelijk voor de dagelijkse gang van zaken binnen de project management groep voor multidisciplinaire engineeringprojecten. Het bedrijf houdt zich primair bezig met de engineering, inkoop en uitvoering van alle landelijke onshore
projecten en onderhoudswerkzaamheden van de Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM). Je maakt deel uit van het Management Team. Je beheert zo efficiënt mogelijk de scope van het werk in lijn met de specificaties ten aanzien van planning, budget en QSHEW vereisten. Je bent verantwoordelijk voor de engineering organisatie en coördinatie van de multidisciplinaire projecten en beheert de juiste communicatie stromen naar de NAM, Engineering Managers, Project Managers, Manager Operations en Directeur, als ook naar de onderaannemers en de Contract Focal Points van de andere Tebodin kantoren.

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Power Plant

Energiewende? What Energiewende?

Germany has justly become world famous for its Energiewende. What is less well known is that the German lignite industry is continuing to wreak its environmental havoc on a large scale. On the basis of current German energy policies, writes Jeffrey Michel, there is no “lignite Ausstieg” in sight.
Before 1990, East Germany mined 300 million tonnes of lignite (brown coal) annually to cover 70 percent of all energy needs. Dozens of antiquated power stations and factories wreathed in sulphurous smoke generated 100 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity per year.

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van Zuylen

OnTheJob interview – John van Zuylen

1.What’s your name and where have you been living so far? My name is John van Zuylen and I am born and raised in Belgium. Afterwards I lived and studied in the US  (Alabama and Chicago), Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. 2.Where do you currently work (company, short description of your job & location)? […]

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Fukushima Leaks

Fukushima Leaks Prompt Government to ‘Emergency Measures’

Japan’s government will lead “emergency measures” to tackle radioactive water spills at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant, wresting control of the disaster recovery from the plant’s heavily criticized operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. “We’ve allowed Tokyo Electric to deal with the contaminated water situation on its own and they’ve essentially turned it into a game of ‘Whack-a-Mole,’” Trade Minister Toshimitsu Motegi told reporters today at Fukushima. “From now on, the government will move to the forefront.”

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Dr Sea Rotmann

OnTheJob interview – Dr. Sea Rotmann

Dr Sea Rotmann, Operating Agent of IEA DSM Implementing Agreement Task XXIV: ‘Closing the Loop – Behaviour Change in DSM: From Theory to Practice’.
1. Where do you currently work? After 7 years in the New Zealand public service, I started my own ‘Behaviour Change Consultancy’ called SEA – Sustainable Energy Advice. My main project is as the lead Operating Agent on Task 24 of the International Energy Agency’s Demand Side Management Implementing Agreement (www.ieadsm.org).

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Alan Shaw

Biofuel Pioneer Forsakes Renewables for Natural Gas

Alan Shaw, the chemist and executive who led a six-year effort to turn inedible crops into fuels to displace gasoline, has renounced the industry he helped pioneer and decided the future instead lies with natural gas. Formerly chief executive officer of Codexis Inc. (CDXS), the first advanced biofuel technology company to trade on a U.S. exchange, Shaw now says it’s impossible to economically turn crop waste, wood and plants like switchgrass into fuel.

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obama Moniz

Natural Gas Seen Gaining With Obama’s Fracking-Friendly Nominees

President Barack Obama says his picks to guide energy and environmental policy in his second term will lead the charge against global warming, a fight that may have one immediate beneficiary: natural gas. Obama picked Ernest Moniz, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist, for U.S. Energy secretary and Gina McCarthy, a longtime environmental regulator, to […]

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Shell Sees Solar as Biggest Energy Source After Exiting It

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) says solar power, a business it abandoned four years ago, may expand into the world’s biggest source of energy in the next half century. The proposition that photovoltaic panels will be the main power source by 2070 is one of theNew Lens Scenarios Europe’s largest oil company published today in a report on energy demand this century. A second has natural gas as the main fuel by 2030.

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Shell Arctic Drilling Operations Suspended For 2013

An effort to give the United States a new source of domestic oil and refill the trans-Alaska pipeline took a hit Wednesday when Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced it will suspend offshore petroleum drilling in the Arctic Ocean for 2013. Shell drilled last year in both the Chukchi Sea off Alaska’s northwest coast and in the Beaufort Sea off the state’s north coast.

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Jeff Bell

BlogSpot by Jeff Bell: Bioenergy – As Long As It’s Done Right

Part of what makes renewable energy so attractive is that people understand intuitively that using solar and wind energy helps society live within its means. Renewable energy sources are flows that are continually replenished. Sunshine continues to fall on the earth whether or not it is captured for energy.

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