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Blogspot by Dedy Ayunda: Energy Efficiency in Indonesia

The issue of energy consumption has been a growing interest across all industry sectors. Not only because of its immediate impact on production costs, but also because of its considerable impact on environmental sustainability, as mentioned in PP (Peraturan Pemerintah, regulation) no 70 in 2009 “That Every company that consume energy equal or more that […]

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Blogspot by Peter Gardett: Solving the Energy Sector Consensus Crisis

Companies in the energy sector all around the world are facing an old problem in a new way. They are having trouble building the kind of consensus that gets their projects approved, financed and built. From the much-debated Keystone pipeline in the US Midwest, now in an approvals process that has lasted longer than the […]

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Report by FC Gas Intelligence – Gas for Power Generation

Gas for power generation – new insights The new EPA regulations which have been dubbed the ‘war on coal’ put serious emissions standards in place for fossil fuelled power plants and are set to seriously inhibit new construction of coal-fired facilities and phase out existing coal generation. As well as this regulatory push, abundant supply […]

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Blogspot by Prateek Goel: Challenges in the Indian Energy Market

  India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. With a high rate of growth there are problems associated with increasing demand of primary requirements such as water, energy and food. India faces a similar situation in its energy market and is currently unable to cope up with the rising demand. The […]

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Francis Amankrah

Blogspot by Francis Amankrah: How the Energy Revolution Started

How the Energy Revolution Started One might argue that major advances in the renewable energy sector and favourable government policies have inspired individuals to live more sustainably in their own lives. I would disagree. In fact, as it is with most global movements, big ideas start locally. Cities and communities are the real agents of […]

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Blogspot by Patricia l. Vasquez: Should the private sector have a deeper role in trying to curb the curse of oil?

I think so. Many poor, developing countries see the discovery of oil as the door to economic growth, at last. If well managed, oil revenues should help poor producing nations to build sustainable, long-term growth for their current and future citizens. But if not well managed, many perverse scenarios could ensue. Experts often blame corrupt, […]

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Renewables R Us. Where everyone’s an entrepreneur!

  I have been doing my PhD for almost 2 years now and I’m beginning to wonder why. I mean, I left my job for this. No, despite the bore and annoyance of poring over journal articles, the ceaseless review of literature-that-no one-else-will-ever-read-again has not killed me yet, and though the sound of my own […]

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Blogspot by Jorge Alarcon: The role of the government concerning hydrocarbon prices

What should the role of the Government be regarding hydrocarbons prices? Within the studies and analysis I am developing, as a strategic analyst, I was supposed to analyze the Oil and Gas sector perspectives and to develop several scenarios of prices and consumption at different geographical levels. Regardless the sophisticated analysis that might be done […]

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Jeff Bell

BlogSpot by Jeff Bell: Bioenergy – As Long As It’s Done Right

Part of what makes renewable energy so attractive is that people understand intuitively that using solar and wind energy helps society live within its means. Renewable energy sources are flows that are continually replenished. Sunshine continues to fall on the earth whether or not it is captured for energy.

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Adriaan Kamp

BlogSpot by Adriaan Kamp: A View On The Developments In Our Global Energy System

We are living in interesting times. Our world civilization is experiencing a dynamic change. New wealth and wealth distribution are being created in an unprecedented speed. Over the coming two to three decades 3 billion people in Asia, Latin-America, Middle-East & Africa will join the new global middle-class. They are prognosed to enjoy the same consumption patterns in their homes, offices and transportation now so much taken for granted in the OECD and upper-middle class families in the emerging and developing nations.

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