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BlogSpot by Chris Schuring: Pugilism…Energy…A sweet science

Now as you may have figured out I am not going to be blogging about technical issues and deep policy debates. My goal in these entries is to create thought, create energy in your mind and in others and to create the debate for further discourse. As an example in one of the recent blogs […]

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Chris Schuring: Micro Grid Schmicro Grid, What Is The Problem?

Well the event of blogging has risen to new high level, high or low will be your decision. I am here to tell you my point of view on all things solar and from time to time energy in general. Now keep in mind I am open to your point of view, I may not […]

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By Elisa Woods l Energy efficiency: What are the laggards thinking?

Why do some states avoid creating policies that encourage consumers and businesses to save energy? What’s the psychology of the laggards? A new report by the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy sheds some insight as it examines the states that consistently fall behind in the organization’s annual energy efficiency ranking.

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