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2012 Warmest Year on Record in the U.S.

NOAA announced on Tuesday that 2012 was officially the warmest year on record in the contiguous 48 states, based on 118 years of temperature records dating back to 1895. While not every state set a record, more than one-third (19 states) recorded their warmest years, and three-quarters of the lower 48 states recorded their first-, second-, or third-hottest years on record. Ninety-five percent — 46 states — had one of their top 10 warmest years ever recorded, and even in the coolest state, Washington, 2012 was warmer than 72 percent of the years on record.

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Rising Temperatures And The Wine Industry

Fifty years ago, English wine was something of a national joke. “Wine making was for the very eccentric. It was drunk as a curiosity and often spat out,” says Richard Selley, Emeritus Professor of Geology.

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