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Dutch Court Rejects Shell Bid to Ban Greenpeace Protests

A Dutch court on Friday rejected a bid by oil multinational Royal Dutch Shell to ban Greenpeace from protesting near its property on pain of a huge fine, saying such groups had a right to inform the public.
“Future Greenpeace actions against Shell cannot be banned in advance provided that they remain in a certain framework,” the Amsterdam court ruling said in response to Shell’s Sept. 21 suit.

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Internet Hoax Takes Aim at Shell’s Arctic Plan

Environmental activists staged an elaborate internet hoax this week in protest of Shell’s plans to drill in Arctic waters off Alaska, fooling thousands of viewers including some media outlets. The hoax started with a video purporting to show a public relations event hosted by Shell at the Space Needle in Seattle, where the ice-class drilling barge Kulluk and drillship Noble Discoverer are docked awaiting deployment to Alaska.

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