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Grid Delays Threaten German Climate Goals RWE Says

RWE AG (RWE), Europe’s biggest air polluter, won’t reach clean-energy goals unless Germany ends delays linking offshore wind farms to the nation’s transmission network. The German electricity company has spent about 1 billion euros ($1.26 billion) on a wind park in the North Sea that can’t start production because the local grid operator hasn’t built the connection to the 48 windmills. The hold-ups jeopardize further investment in wind power, the mainstay of RWE’s plan to more than double the proportion of power it gets from renewables by 2020, the company said.

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Chris Schuring: Micro Grid Schmicro Grid, What Is The Problem?

Well the event of blogging has risen to new high level, high or low will be your decision. I am here to tell you my point of view on all things solar and from time to time energy in general. Now keep in mind I am open to your point of view, I may not […]

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Major Electric Grid Project New Mexico

A $1.5 billion effort to link the nation’s three major electricity grids is getting a boost from Japanese investors and a European company well versed in integrating power markets.

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