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Fossil Fuel Subsidies 6 Times Greater Than Renewables Last Year

Qatar – the host of U.N. climate talks that entered their final week Monday – is among dozens of countries that keep gas prices artificially low through subsidies that exceeded $500 billion globally last year. Renewable energy worldwide received six times less support – an imbalance that is just starting to earn attention in the divisive negotiations on curbing the carbon emissions blamed for heating the planet.

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Japan Approves Renewable Subsidies in Shift From Nuclear Power

Japan approved on Monday incentives for renewable energy that could unleash billions of dollars in clean-energy investment and help the world’s third-biggest economy shift away from a reliance on nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster. Industry Minister Yukio Edano approved the introduction of feed-in tariffs (FIT), which means higher rates will be paid for renewable energy

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Global Renewable Energy Investments Set Record in 2011

The solar and wind-power equipment business is in a development phase that, like the car industry of the 1900s, is leading to a slump in numbers of manufacturers before it can mature, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
“In 1903, the United States had over 500 car companies, most of which quickly fell by the wayside even as the automobile sector grew into an industrial juggernaut,” Chief Executive Officer Michael Liebreich said in a statement accompanying the release of two reports today based on data compiled by BNEF.

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Watch: Scottish Tidal Power Test Succeeded

ScottishPower Renewables has just completed an initial testing period for its 1-megawatt (MW) tidal power project in the Orkney isles, located off the northern tip of Scotland. The underwater turbine was installed last December and is set to be used in Scotland’s first and only consented tidal power project.

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Damian in Germany : Sustainable housing : Solar Energy  : Solar Energy Of Energy-Producing Housing

Solar power generation world record set in Germany

German solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity – equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity – through the midday hours of Friday and Saturday, the head of a renewable energy think tank has said.
Germany’s government decided to abandon nuclear power after the Fukushima nuclear disaster last year, closing eight plants immediately and shutting down the remaining nine by 2022.

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