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FactBox: Obama, Romney Positions On Energy Policy

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have vastly different strategies on how to regulate the newfound energy bounty as well as how to slash the country’s dependency on oil imports. The two candidates will meet Monday night for their third and final debate ahead of the November 6 presidential election.

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Where Do Obama and Romney Stand On The Environment?

Everyone wants clean air and water. But people also want to drive their cars whenever they wish and light up a room by flipping a switch. It’s a never-ending balancing act for government as it tries to protect health and the environment while promoting economic growth and jobs

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Obama’s Energy Plan by the Numbers

Last week, while the Republicans were celebrating the Romney-Ryan ticket in Tampa, Florida, we posted a count-the-words analysis of their energy plan. The plan’s overall aim is to achieve energy independence for North America. The numbers told us the path to independence for the Romney team is strong on oil and gas, but not much on renewables; and climate was totally absent.

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