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Mumbai, Delhi Lead in Need for Water Supplies, McKinsey Says

Mumbai and New Delhi, India’s most populous cities, may experience the biggest increase in demand for water among the world’s largest cities from 2010 to 2025, the McKinsey Global Institute said today. Water demand in large cities is expected to rise by almost 80 billion cubic meters, or 40 percent more than current urban global levels and at least 20 times what New York consumes today, McKinsey’s report on urbanization said. India, second only to China in population, will account for 15.8 percent of the municipal water demand growth, it said.

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Jet Fuel Spill Threatening Albuquerque’s Water

A decades-old jet fuel spill threatening Albuquerque’s water supply could be as large as 24 million gallons, or twice the size of the oil spill from the Exxon Valdez, New Mexico environment officials acknowledged Tuesday. Officials previously estimated the spill from Kirtland Air Force Base to be about 8 million gallons. But state geologist William Moats, who made the original calculations, recently estimated the spill could be up to three times larger.

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